Thursday, August 7, 2014

MUST READ BOOKS - Shepherd of Destiny
Danny Loveless went to a church that wasn't. He had a wife and child but then he didn't. His psychiatrist is going crazy. Now, at the urging of Byron Shepherd, Danny is on his way to Japan in search of "Keiko," the perfect woman for whom he was "destined." Shepherd, real or imagined, claims to have come from a place where future minds are editing and deleting events to alter history. He says that Danny and Keiko will produce the progenitor of his own perfect mate. Follow Danny through a sensual world of flickering reality to the place where destinies collide, to a night of horror in a Kobe stadium.

Gary Sturm has chosen a subject few can handle in fiction: the shifting sands of time. Imagine a world where you meet a time traveller from the future who wishes to change his past through your actions. Then your family are “de-existed” and you find yourself in a world where no one remembers your past, one where everyone’s memories but your own are updated to fit the new scenario. Danny the main character floats from one moment to the next as in a dream, and Sturm uses wonderful metaphors to convey the truth about the arrow of time, which does not flow in one direction like a river after all. The dancers in a bar ratchet past him under the strobe lights and echo the disjointed nature of the events of his life. Or is everything happening at once?

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A native of Los Angeles, Gary Sturm is the author of short stories and poetry as well as the screenplay for his original film, The Casualty. His collection of short fiction, Dreamers and Other Stories, was published in 1992. Mr. Sturm has taught writing at Kansai University of Foreign Studies (Hirakata, Japan) and English at Los Angeles Pierce College. When not writing or teaching, Mr. Sturm works as an actor.